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Discover the diversity of the Atacama region, where the ocean embraces golden beaches, the desert weaves surreal landscapes and the valleys and mountains offer unforgettable adventures.

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desert and valleys



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    Historias de Copiapó – City Tour

    We will walk through Copiapó visiting its main monuments, discovering the rich cultural heritage of the Atacama region.


    15.000clp $

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      El Rescate de la Mina San José

      During the tour along mining roads we will visit a sector of dunes and then, together with one of the rescued miners, we will visit the mine where after almost 70 days a group of men emerged triumphant from the bottom of the earth.


      40.000clp $

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        Sandboard en Atacama

        The largest dune field in Chile is located in Atacama, the strong action of the wind thousands of years ago created this wonderful landscape. Of great geological, historical and sporting importance.


        40.000clp $

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        Chillitrip is a responsible tourism tour operator, which seeks to promote sustainable local development, revalue heritage and generate travel experiences in the Atacama Desert and Chile. We offer tailor-made circuits aimed at travelers with an interest in outdoor life, in search of new destinations and living meaningful experiences. All this in an environment full of contrasts, virgin landscapes and a culturally diverse community. We provide services in harmony with the environment, the people who live there and ourselves. To achieve this, our collaborators are mostly local and our activities seek to generate an encounter between visitor and visitor, in this way promoting the care and richness of their environment. We organize customized trips and events within the region, our services range from excursions, expeditions, transfers, guidance and logistics, among others. All under a commitment of trust, collaboration and security.

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